High Heel A Fashion Icon

High Heel A fashion icon


In the world of fashion, it is considered the High Heel A fashion icon. Humans are naturally beautiful. Loves beautiful creations. Every person’s point of view is different. This is why everyone’s way of appreciating beauty is unique and completely different from others. From a gender perspective, women are more beautiful than men.


An English is saying that a woman is a prisoner of her beauty. On the face of it, this does not seem to be anything wrong. The delicate gender seems to go to great lengths to maintain its beauty.

By doing sometimes facials, cleansing scrubbing, masks, and tips, she is busy trying to improve her beauty. Beauty and make-up are not limited to the face. Hands, feet, hair, clothes, shoes, handbags, cosmetics, and other items have been included in this list.

Every day new products are introduced in the market which are especially aimed at making the female figure more attractive. Women often seem very concerned about their feet and the shoes they wear. In this regard, the choice of shoes is an important step. High-heeled shoes are especially preferred among women as they accentuate women’s feminine grace and sex appeal.


A sense of self-esteem


There are many reasons to prefer heeled shoes like high heel shoes, red high heel, one of which is that usually short women try to get out of the inferiority complex and feel more confident by wearing high-heeled shoes.

Wearing high heels undoubtedly creates a sense of self-confidence. This is the reason why this fashion is very popular among women. Fashion’s ever-changing colors and new designs have created a competitive atmosphere, but the high heel is still considered a fashion icon by a significant number of women today. Everyone likes to dress up at weddings and other parties. In this case, the high heel gives you a personality.

Heels usually come in different sizes and styles, some are pointed and some are square, but women love to buy and wear these high heels regardless of the impact they may have on the back and spine. As far as preference is concerned, it is a different matter that when, where, and how long to wear heels depends on the wearer’s personality, but surprisingly, in some countries, a heel height of 6 to 12 cm is considered acceptable. The part is such that it is inevitable to wear and adhere to it.

Market Trends

Before we talk about this essential principle, it is also very important to know what is in the heart of women is that they sit on long high heels and ankle boots with high heels, since the industrial revolution, the manufacturing industry has introduced its products in the market. In other words, the tendency of the buyers was not found according to their set goals. The best way to deal with this was to find a form of advertising. This is how the matter concluded.


The market got wind of brands in which every special and general jumped into this race and the main victims were the women who are always struggling to improve their beauty and style.


Historical background


According to historical records, high-heeled shoes were used by Iranian horsemen in the fifteenth century. Yes, you might be surprised to know that high-heeled shoes were used by men. The main purpose of which was to be able to get a foothold easily on uneven roads and especially to keep their feet in the stirrups. This practice, introduced by Iranian knights, became extremely popular in Europe in the seventeenth century. In the sixteenth century, European elites considered wearing high-heeled shoes a sign of high status.

Readers who believe that high heels were designed for women can be corrected. King Louis XIV of France introduced red-heeled shoes and during his reign, high heels were considered a sign of strength and courage. For the ruling class, the high Cavanchi heel was considered a source of pride. In the seventeenth century, prostitutes began wearing high-heeled shoes to highlight their makeup and physical features.

Surprisingly, women adopted purely male styles, such as short hair, masculine hats, and high-heeled shoes. Over time, heeled shoes came to be considered reserved for women and men started wearing heelless shoes. But with time this fashion changes.

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