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If you are thinking of starting a Café Coffee Day (CCD) franchise in India, this write-up will give you all the relevant and necessary information. The important details include CCD franchise cost and requirements you must fulfill. So you will be able to purchase high quality coffee from the Indian market.

CCD uses two popular coffee varieties, Arabica and Robusta. No denying India produces coffee on a large scale.  Karnataka and Kerala are two of the leading producers of the same.  There are other states as well that grow high quality coffee.

It needs no elaboration that coffee business is a lucrative option. Getting the CCD franchise is a brilliant investment idea considering its immense popularity across the country. In the present article, I will write about the important factors concerning coffee business.

It needs no elaboration that the Bangalore-based company has strong impact on the Indian coffee industry. It is responsible for cultivating coffee culture in the country. CCD is popular amongst the youngsters for laid-back and relaxed ambience.

Let me introduce myself before I discuss the details of getting the coffee franchise.  Many persons might wonder about my expertise to offer such advisory on starting a franchise. After finishing my MBA (Hospitality), I started working for one of the leading nitrogen plant manufacturing companies in India and continued there for 5 years.

Afterwards, I switched to one of the leading hotel restaurant chains in India. Here, I developed my expertise in the restaurant operations including branding, procurement, front-end service, franchise management and operations.

Why to Choose Cafe Coffee Day franchise?

Getting a CCD franchise is a great a business opportunity. The primary reason for choosing franchise is its emergence as a great coffee brand in India. They ensure their establishments have pleasant and relaxed ambience. They service high quality coffee and delicious food. After getting the franchise, the leading coffee café chain offers complete training, marketing, support and operational assistance.

It is fact that getting the franchise is a great business idea. The coffee chain serves wide range of products starting from coffee, snacks, and delicious meals. Such eclectic product mix is likely to attract diverse range of customer thus creating a solid business base.

The great brand value of CCD will help you to generate impressive sales revenue. Plus, the coffee industry is registering excellent growth in the country. More people now go to the restaurants for socializing and relaxing.

Criteria and Requirements for Cafe Coffee Day franchise

There are fixed criteria and eligibility for grabbing the chance to work with a leading coffee brand.   It is no brainer that you must demonstrate adequate financial resources for running the franchise. This will include expenses such as franchisee fee, capital for setting up and running the daily operations.

Moreover, it is imperative that you have got sufficient years of experience in food and beverage industry.  The most important requirement is finding adequate space in a prime location. However, it is important that the space is in a place with high traffic, easily accessible and is clearly visible.

Moreover, your staff will receive comprehensive training program including food preparation, customer service and operational procedures. It goes without saying that you must have good understanding of marketing and promotion which will help you in the implementation of marketing strategies.

Cafe Coffee Day Menu

CCD is popular because of its serving of high quality coffee drinks, tasty meals and numerous other beverages. The leading coffee store brews coffee with high quality Arabica and Robusta beans. Their menu serves wide range of food choices to provide the customers with a wonderful dining experience.

Besides, the company is famous for its commitment to serving top quality diverse range of food and beverages. Their focus is on making CCD the preferred destination of the coffee lovers.

Cafe Coffee Day franchise Cost

For becoming an owner of Café Coffee Day franchise, you must have adequate capital for investment. However, the amount of investment might vary depending upon the location, size of the café, and cost of equipment. Important factors including costing of the franchise are given below:

Franchise Fee

This fee is payable only once at the time of applying for getting the franchise to use branding and business model. However, the CCD franchise fee is not publicly disclosed.  As a matter of fact, it is quite high for prime locations.

Equipment and Supplies

Expenses on equipment & supplies might range few lakhs of rupees to tens of lakhs depending upon the scale of the café. The items mostly include refrigerators, coffee machines, and coffee machines.


Rent for the café would depend on the location and size of the establishment. However, rent for the properties in prime locations is mostly on the higher side.

Marketing and Advertising

You will have earmark budget for marketing and advertising for promoting CCD franchise to attract potential customers. This budget is must for achieving growth in increasing sales revenue.


The franchise owner must make separate budget for staffing including salaries, benefits, and training. However, staff strength will depend upon the size of the café.


The owner is responsible for purchasing initial inventory including supplies, coffee beans, tea, food and other beverages. And, size of the café will decide the budget.

You will need to purchase initial inventory, including coffee beans, tea, food, and supplies, to start your cafe. This cost will vary depending on the size of your cafe and the number of products you offer.

Documents & License Required

Owning CCD franchise involves getting numerous licenses and permits from the government. Most important documents, licenses and permits needed for starting the franchise are given below:

  • PAN card
  • GST registration
  • FSSAI license
  • Trade license
  • Fire department clearance
  • Health department clearance
  • Shops and Establishments Act registration

Space Requirement for Cafe Coffee Day franchise

Space requirement for opening CCD franchise would depend on the location. For starting a retail café franchise, you will need a minimum of 300 to 500 square feet of space in a prime location to accommodate seating capacity of 30-40 customers. And, for the kiosk or counter model franchise, you must have minimum space of 50-100 square feet.

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