How to start Business in Dubai

The city of dreams is Dubai. Dubai has assumed a prominent role in the global economy during the past 20 years, drawing ambitious business people from all over the world.

Dubai has evolved from a little desert town to a vibrant metropolis, home to some of the world’s most expatriates. This is understandable given that the city provides a superior standard of living, unparalleled infrastructure, and a wealth of cultural opportunities. However, there are numerous things you’ll need to consider when thinking about to set up free zone company in UAE. Do you have to establish a business in Dubai? Let’s begin this article.

What is a free zone company in Dubai?

Brand Naming Agency: Unboxfame- An organization located in a free zone, a unique economic zone where investors can have a special tax-free status and trade circumstances are favorable enough for any investor to launch their firm readily, is known as a free zone company in Dubai. There are no restrictions imposed by a sponsor, agent, etc., and the investor owns the entire business.

Advantages of Free Zone setup business in UAE:

  • Complete Ownership of business: Complete foreign ownership is one of the most obvious advantages of setting up a free zone firm in UAE. This indicates that a foreign investor can start a corporation without needing a UAE native sponsor. Regardless of the investor’s nationality, foreign ownership is possible.
  • Import and export process: Export and import taxes do not apply to the UAE’s free zone jurisdictions. This aids in advancing global trade.
  • Tax Benefit: Free zone businesses are eligible for a 100% tax exemption. Taxes on individuals and corporations are included.
  • Smooth Labour Recruitment: Labor recruitment procedures can be completed quickly and affordably by free zone enterprises. Foreign nationals may be hired by the companies.
  • Excellent Communication & Infrastructure: Free zones in the United Arab Emirates have the best infrastructure and most modern communications technologies.
  • Available workspace: In free zone jurisdictions, warehouses and office space are readily available. UAE-free zones are excellent for startups.

Dubai’s economy will also continue to grow steadily because of its non-oil-dependent industries like retail and tourism. The areas of telecommunication, transportation, trade, business services, and real estate will all play a bigger part. This makes it more advantageous than ever to start a business in Dubai

Major Free zones in Dubai:

  • Jebel Ali Free Zone: JAFZA manages warehousing, trading, and logistics operations. The first free zone is JAFZA. JAFZA plays a significant part in the UAE’s overall economic development.
  • Dubai Airport Free zone: It is one of Dubai’s most prestigious free zones and is populated by tens of thousands of employees and registered businesses. You will receive the assistance you need at every step of the application procedure, which is relatively straightforward.
  • Dubai Media City: The free zone focuses on a wide range of media-related activities, including entertainment, marketing, music, and cinema. The Dubai Creative Clusters Authority is in charge of the free zone. (DCCA).
  • Dubai Healthcare City: Dubai Healthcare City is the ideal free zone if you want to establish a medical or healthcare facility there. Healthcare, medical equipment, wellness, pharmacies, the distribution of medical products, alternative healthcare such as Ayurveda, and medical education are among the business types listed under this free zone.
  • Dubai International Financial Center: The Dubai International Financial Center is home to some of the largest financial institutions in the world. Nearly 3000 businesses have registered with this free zone, which is conveniently situated next to the Dubai World Trade Center and Sheikh Zayed Road, one of Dubai’s most famous thoroughfares.

Hope you got an idea about the benefits of forming a free zone company in UAE.  Working with a setup business in Dubai like Business Incorporation Zone UAE can help you create a business smoothly and quickly. You may get help with company creation in all the major free zones in Dubai and the other Emirates. Depending on the free zone jurisdiction, different legal requirements and paperwork are needed to incorporate a firm. Get in touch with the business incorporation zone UAE team as soon as possible if you require any help with business formation or related services.

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