This is an important question, WHAT IS FASHION? To know the answer, we first have to know about the tradition. Any action that is repeated over a long period falls under the category of tradition. Traditions within civilizations span centuries. But some traditions continue for a certain period and then fade away. Traditions do not disappear completely, but by making changes within themselves, they first attain the status of fashion and then become a new tradition.

Fashion in Clothing and Dressing

According to various traditions, when man first stepped on this earth, he had no clothes to wear. He wrapped the leaves of the trees around him and started living his life day and night. As time passed, his awareness increased. He began to protect himself from the severity of the weather with the skins of Jawars. Then with time, he developed his clothes. Today in the 21st century we see that man has made many innovations in these clothes and made them better and better. Now clothing is not only a means of covering the body but also an effective tool to make a person’s personality beautiful, charming, and attractive.

Men’s Fashion

Men’s clothing generally does not have as much variety as women’s clothing. But still, we cannot say that there are no fashion innovations in men’s clothing. Rather, with time, menswear has also formally acquired the status of a fashion industry. Men working in offices do not get many opportunities to enhance their personalities. Generally, one has to work in the office in pants shirt, and tie. Now it is also decorated according to age. Older people mostly wear light-colored clothes. Their shirt colors are usually white, blue, or off-white and their pant colors are mostly black and white. While young people generally prefer darker colors. There is a wide variety in the colors of their shirts. Young men wear all kinds of colors like red, green, yellow, white, and black.


Women Fashion

In modern times, it has been recognized that colors exist in the universe only because of the existence of women. If there was no beauty of women in the universe, the universe would not be so beautiful. Just as there is variety in women’s beauty, there is also a lot of variety in women’s clothing. A woman likes to be complimented on her beauty. And she also pays more attention to beautifying and enhancing her beauty so that it is admired and her ego can be satisfied. From tops to undergarments for women in modern times, there is a lot of variety and fashion innovation.

Nowadays women are also working in offices, they have separate dresses for working in offices and separate dresses for attending other parties and functions. Most the women like to wear flamboyant and flamboyant dresses so that they can be noticed from a distance and become the center of attention. Most women like red, green, yellow pink and black dresses. Different nations of different countries have different meanings of these colors. Therefore, every woman likes her dress according to her society.

Some others dresses are very popular among ladies. Some popular dresses are here like;

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shein wedding dresses.


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