When you see a pair of shoes hanging from power lines, there are a number of theories that
have been established to give meaning to the phenomenon. The most common theory is that dangling shoes signal the presence of a crack house or prime drug dealing spot. Others believe it is a tribute to someone who passed away or that it is a marker of gang territory.

Hang Shoes

If you live in a city, you’ve probably seen hang shoes from overhead wires. It’s a recurring
sight that raises suspicion among many residents. One of the reasons people hang shoes from wires is to signal the location of a drug house or crack house, or even to mark gang territory. In 2003, the city of Los Angeles underwent a massive shoe removal process when citizens complained about dangling shoes signaling “sites at which drugs are sold or worse yet, gang turf.” Some also say it’s a way to celebrate an event. For example, members of the military toss their shoes over the wires when they graduate or pass a milestone in their lives. Other theories include a form of urban art called shoefiti and a fertility ritual. Some believe it’s a way for gangs to mark their territories and taunt their opponents. Kids car who lose a bet or are being teased by bullies dangle their shoes for the same reason.

Purposes Of Hang Shoes

For one, they can keep your shoes organized and help to prevent them from getting soiled.
They also save space in your closet and make it easy to find the right shoe for the occasion.
However, they should only be used for casual shoes you use frequently. Otherwise, they can
stretch out your leather and fabric uppers over time. This can make them ill-suited for long-
term storage. It’s also possible that a dangling shoe is a sign of bullying. It may indicate that the person
has been bullied and that a group of people are taunting them. In addition, a dangling shoe may be evidence of gang activity in a neighborhood. It’s not uncommon for gang members to toss their shoes over power lines as a way to advertise their presence in the area. Finally, a dangling shoe can signal the location of drugs. In 2003, the city of East Los Angeles underwent a shoe removal process because residents believed it indicated that there were crack houses or gang turfs nearby. Although there are many theories as to why shoes are thrown over power lines, some of the most common include drug trafficking and gang activity. Some of these beliefs are supported by a few interviews with sociologists, community leaders and suspected gang members.


Finding The Right Hang Shoes

There is no doubt that fashionably attired women and men sported in the closet or on the go
require some form of footwear in the form of dress shoes, work boots, bourbon pumps and
the like. With a plethora of options to choose from, sifting through the masses can be a
daunting task. Thankfully, the shoe industry is up to the task with the latest and greatest on
the market. Using a combination of the right tools and a little forethought, you are sure to find
that perfect fit in no time. The best part is that you will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Features Of Good Hang Shoes

Some people hang their shoes from tree branches when they go camping or on a hike. This
allows them to dry out their shoes after they get wet from muddy weather conditions.
Other people may hang their shoes from a tree to mark an important event in their lives,
such as when they finish school or receive their military training. These hanging shoes may
also represent a memorial to a loved one who has passed away .Another reason is to
increase visibility for low-flying aircraft. Some say it’s a way for gang members to mark their

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